1. Geo-resource exploration
    Geophysical methods and application
    Geochemical methods and application
    Remote sensing
2. Geo-resource exploitation
    Mining and safety
    Geothermal and gas hydrate
    Underground storage
    Mining and safety 
3. Metallurgical engineering
    Design of Metallic Materials
    Metal Making, Refining, and Casting
    Metal Forming Processes
    Process and Equipment Development

4. Material science
    Structural and Functional Materials
    Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials
    Energy materials

5. Circular economy and sustainable resources
    Energy transformation
    Carbon Dioxide reduction
    Recycle and Urban mining
    Mineral Processing
    Geopolymer and New Sustainable Materials 

a  Prof. Peng, Syd S.
 West Virginia Uni., USA
KITAMURA    Prof. Kitamura S.
Tohoku Uni., Japan
yeh Prof. Yeh, Jien-Wei
 Tsing Hua Uni., Taiwan
JTZhu     Dr. Jingtao Zhu
Director, Iron and Steel
Research and Development
Department, Rizhao Iron
and Steel Holding Group
Company, China

Tsuji Pic 003

Prof. Takeshi Tsuji
Department of Earth
Resources Engineering
Kyushu University, Japan

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